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I am proud to share with you the wonderful world of doTerra oils.  I often use them in my practice because they are a higher quality grade of oil that is so pure, it is safe to diffuse, use topically and also to ingest.  Due to popular demand from clients, I have now made it possible to easily view the prices and the roles these oils can play in your everyday lives.  Contact me for special prices or offers.    

Please check out the link bellow to view the prices and use for the oils.  

doTerra products


CryoDerm.  I have had the pleasure of being introduced to this magnificent product!  It is well known among professionals for it's analgesic effect on pain and it's promotional healing properties.  I have been approved to become a product resale agent.  For those who want to live life with minimal pain, look into CryoDerm products, you will be impressed at what they can do!  

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