A Healing Touch Massage
Massage for the "Health" of it!

A Healing Touch Services

Swedish Massage

Most popular form of massage, Swedish works the soft tissue of the body to help elevate pain while increasing circulation and relaxation. 

Pregnancy Massage

Put your feet up and time to relax! Experience a massage using our Prego Pillow, a great way to comfortably lie down. Pregnancy can be a beautiful thin...in the right hands.

Infant Massage Classes

Learn how to better bond with your baby through infant massage.  It's great before bed time or after bath time.

Hot Stone Massage

Le the heat from a hot stone massage relive your stress and tension. Perfect for when the weather is cold outside! 


Promote healing with this energy treatment that not only leaves you feeling great,  but energized as well

Paraffin Wax

Dip your cares away in hot scented wax.  It's a relaxing way to hydrate, heat and help with your joints and while reducing stress.

Home Visits

Can't make it out?  Not a problem! Let me come to you.  For an extra charge, you don't even need to leave the comfort of your own home. Certain conditions apply.

Dolphin Neurosystem

Where acupuncture and Tends micro current meet This unique and safe hand-held device is used to treat acupuncture points to help decrease pain.  I am currently in the process of becoming certified in Micro Current Point Stimulation (MPS).